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Temporary Registration

How to do a temporary registration of a vehicle?

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Temporary Registration

A temporary registration number is assigned by the dealership from which the vehicle is purchased which serves the purpose when the vehicle is brand new and is yet to be permanently registered. This unique number is normally valid for a period of maximum one month, in which the vehicle should be registered by the concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO) authority.

Procedure for temporary registration

  • Apply for temporary registration of a motor vehicle in Form 20 to the Registering Authority in whose jurisdiction the vehicle is or to the dealer dealing in the sale of New Motor Vehicles recognized by the Transport Commissioner.
  • Provide copies of Sale Certificate, Insurance Certificate and Road worthiness Certificate.
  • Pay tax and fee as specified in Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 for temporary registration.

Requirements for temporary registration

  • Application in Form No. 20.
  • Sales certificate in Form No. 21.
  • Road worthiness certificate in Form No. 22.
  • Valid insurance certificate.
  • Proof of address (Ration card, Electricity bill etc.)
  • Pollution under control certificate
  • Copy of PAN card of Form No. 60 and Form No. 61 (as applicable)