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What is RC Status, Registration Certificate or RC Details?

In Mizoram, RC Status or the registration certificate is the official document issued by the RTO authority when someone buys a new vehicle and registers it with the RTO.

In Mizoram, RC is used to identify the owner of the vehicle and for records of vehicles sold and bought.

Vehicle registration is mandatory if you purchase any vehicle.

You need to carry your RC with you all the time when you drive, if you're caught with a car without a valid RC, you might attract a fine or imprisonment depending on the circumstances.

What is the meaning and purpose of RTO Details?

In Mizoram, "RC details" denote the specific information present in a vehicle's Registration Certificate (RC), which stands as an official document of ownership and registration. The RC details often contain the following information:

  • Owner's Details: Within the RC lies comprehensive data about the vehicle owner, including but not limited to their name, address, vehicle particulars, and more.
  • Finance Details: RC details often includes the finance details of the vehicle, like whether the vehicle was financed, is it hypothecated or not and more.
  • Insurance Details: Certain RCs incorporate details pertinent to the vehicle's insurance, including the policy number and its validity period.
  • Verifying these RC details is very importance for legal compliance, resale or ownership transfer etc.

How to check RC Details and get application status in Mizoram?

Individuals in Mizoram seeking to track their RC application status can conveniently do so through the RTO's online RC book tracking service. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Head to the official Parivahan website.
  • Navigate to the 'Vehicle-Related Services' section under Online Services.
  • Choose Mizoram from the 'Select State' drop-down menu.
  • Specify the relevant RTO where your vehicle is to be registered and input the vehicle registration number. Then, click 'Proceed'.
  • Click on the 'Status' tab and opt for the 'Know Your Application RC Status' feature.
  • Enter your application number and submit it.
  • Subsequently, the screen will display the status of your vehicle application along with any pertinent details.

How to download vehicle RC Status online?

You have the option to download and print your RC Status (Registration Certificate) and DL Status (Driving License) utilizing the Parivahan website and the Digilocker service. Below are the steps for Parivahan method:

  • Access the official Parivahan website.
  • Under the ‘Online Services’ tab, choose ‘Vehicle Related Services.’
  • Select Mizoram from the provided drop-down menu.
  • Sign in to your account. If you're not registered, create an account and then sign in.
  • Once logged in, input your vehicle registration number and choose ‘State RTO’ from the options.
  • Navigate to the ‘Download Document’ section and click on ‘RC Status Print.’
  • Provide your vehicle registration number and chassis number for validation.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS.
  • Enter the OTP to authenticate, allowing you to download your vehicle's RC Status from the displayed PDF file.

Some details provided in the RC Status in Mizoram

  • RTO Registration Authority
  • RTO Registration Date
  • RTO Owner Name
  • RTO Vehicle Make
  • RTO Vehicle Model
  • RTO Vehicle Class
  • RTO Fuel Type
  • RTO Insurance Info
  • RTO Fitness Info

How to search or know the RC Status / RC details / Owner details of vehicle in Mizoram?

  • Open Parivahan Website for getting RC Status, RC Details
  • Enter your mobile number and email to authenticate for RC Status, RC Details.
  • Login with received OTP to search RC Status, RC Details.
  • Enter your vehicle's registration number and wait for the page to show your RC details and RC status.

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